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  • Ruby P. Lee

    Ruby P. Lee

    Professor of Marketing
    2016-17 Fulbright Distinguished Chair

    "In reflecting on my 2016-17 Fulbright award, I have come to realize how much I have learned and how much I still do not know about Finland and Nordic cultures. People I met in Finland were so warm and so wonderful. As specifically to my research, my interactions with faculty members at Hanken School of Economics and the local community have broadened my view of frugal innovation (my Fulbright project) from a wider theoretical and practical perspective. I can't wait to visit Finland again."

  • Jean Munn

    Jean Munn

    Associate Professor of Social Work
    2015-16 Fulbright Scholar

    "My time in Prague gave me the opportunity to look at social work through another lens. The political background in the Czech Republic redefined social welfare. The current generation of social workers is overcoming that negative context and providing compassion and support to older adults. It was inspiring."

  • >Lori J. Walters

    Lori J. Walters

    The Harry F. Williams Professor
    Modern languages and Linguistics
    NEH Fellowship 2016-17
    ACLS Fellowship 2016-17

    "An NEH fellowship in 1993-1994 launched my career as a specialist of medieval manuscripts. Dual NEH and ACLS grants in 2016-2017 capped my professional standing by funding my study of Christine de Pizan (1365-ca. 1430). I celebrate her as the West’s first secular female public intellectual, whose genius was to establish her authority by publishing the manuscripts of her own texts."

  • Carol Weissert

    Carol Weissert

    LeRoy Collins Eminent Scholar and Chair of Civic Education and Political Science
    College of Social Sciences and Public Ploicy
    2015-16 Fulbright Distinguished Chair

    "I was extremely fortunate to be the Fulbright Distinguished Scholar in American Political Science in Australia in Spring 2016. In that role, I gave five public lectures in Australian Universities from the University of Tasmania to the University of Western Australia. These lectures focused on the U.S. presidential election and drew a large and extremely well-informed group of Australians. It was rewarding to both share information with them and to get a view of our elections from their perspective. The fellowship also allowed me to extend my research on intergovernmental negotiation to Australia. The Fulbright association was extremely helpful in making contacts in Canberra and throughout Australia."

  • Yan Li

    Yan Li

    Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
    FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
    2017 NSF CAREER Award

    "This award enables me to engineer the brain organoids that will provide an experimental platform for discovery of novel interventions and pharmacological treatments for people with neurological disorders."

  • Joseph Travis

    Joseph Travis

    Professor of Biology
    College of Arts & Sciences
    Edward O. Wilson Naturalist Award, 2011
    American Academy of Arts & Sciences Elected Member 2015

    "These awards reflect the appreciation of my peers for what my students and I have accomplished in science over the years I have been at FSU. They've also given me energy for new directions in my research because they remind me that my instincts for good research directions have proven to be on target."

At Florida State University, we are fortunate that our faculty comprises men and women who are widely acknowledged as the finest in their fields. They have distinguished themselves in many disciplines and have gained the high regard of peers around the world. Their academic careers are marked by excellence and the excitement of discovery so important to educating the next generation.

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Florida State's more than 41,000 students have the opportunity to work and study amidst a diverse and outstanding faculty that includes members of the National Academies, Guggenheim Fellowship recipients, and many Fulbright Scholars. Florida State faculty members lead several scholarly fields in citations of published work and hold multiple honors in the arts, including the Academy Award, Kennedy Center Honors, the Grammy Award, the Capezio and BESSIE Dance Awards, and the Doris Duke Performing Artist Award.

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